Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Join the YouTube Symphony Orchestra

Join the world's first collaborative online orchestra.

From the YouTube Symphony Orchestra page:
We invite musicians from around the world to audition for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra. Your video entries will be combined into the first ever collaborative virtual performance, and the world will select the best of you to perform at New York City's Carnegie Hall in April 2009.

1. Prepare - Select your instrument to access the sheet music and rehearse with the conductor
2. Submit - Upload your performances and submit them to join the YouTube Symphony Orchestra
3. Entries - Browse videos to get ideas and check out the competition

Here's the catch: "The best and the bravest of you will be invited at the Carnegie Hall"

Watch the video below:

They also have violin masterclass videos for the YSO audition:

Here's the violin part:

What are you waiting for? Join now! Go to the YSO website, hit the Get Started button, pick an instrument, and download your piece.

Submission of videos is up until January 28, 2009.

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