Friday, August 22, 2008

Violin Playing: How to get started?

Ok, so you want to start as a beginner? Let me list all of the stuffs you need to acquire before you or your children becomes a violin student.

1. You must have a teacher
It is the very first requirement. I suggest you contact a music school or a local orchestra to find one. Try to search the web for available teachers near you. I found my current teacher on the web. She's a member of an orchestra but still studying her Bachelor's degree.

2. Violin (of course!)
You need to have a violin. There's a lot of music stores out there where you can find student violins. Seek for a "violin outfit". A violin outfit is a complete package mostly for beginners. The outfit includes the violin, case, violin bow, and a rosin. It is enough to get you started.
I suggest you go with your teacher when you buy your outfit. Teachers knows best what's the right size for you and they can test the sound of the violin if it's good or unacceptable. Find a violin according to your budget.

3. Time
Be dedicated. Once you start to study the violin you should be dedicated to practice and practice and practice some more.

So that's about it, off you go! Good luck!